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Yantai Sanlei Plastic industry Co.,Ltd.-Installation

1、Clean the groove in the pipe expansion end and the rubber ring ;

2、Then put the rubber ring into the groove;

3、Clean the pipe insertion end and mark the insertion length;

4、Apply the lubricant to rubber inner & the pipe inserting end;

5、Insert the small-bore pipes with human power, and insert the large-bore pipes with the tightener;

6、Check with a gap-gauge from a socket to see if the rubber-ring is properly in place along the pipe circle.

1、Clean the pipe insertion end.

2、Clean the inner wall of the pipe expansion end, the apply the special glue with the special brush to the inner wall of the pipe expansion end and the pipe insertion part and insert in one time.Lay the thick wooden board under the medium and large diameter pipe; strike with wood hammer to enhance sealing effect.

3、Clean the overflowed glue with cloth.