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CPVC High Tension Cable Protection Pipes /Plastics Pipes for Underground Correspondence

CPVC Pipes for High Tension Cable Protection Pipes /Plastics Pipes for Underground Correspondence
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1、High compression resistance.

2、Impact Strength resistance.

3、High wreath steel degree.

4、High temperature resistance.

5、Well flame retardant property,extinguish while being departed from the fire.

6、Well insulation property,bear high tension without breakdown.

7、Little frictional coefficient,easy drag cable yarn.

8、Convenient construction,capital saving.

1、It is applicable for power net reconstruction,municipal construction,etc.It is the necessary supported product of cable burying.

2、Be applicable to the outdoors correspondence electric cable with the fiber optic cable with piping system.

Vicat softening temperature ≥93℃
Wreath a hot compression dint Wall thickness 5.0~< 8.0
Lognitudinal reversion rate ≤5%
Volum rsistirty ≥1.0×10¹¹Ω·cm
Falling weight impact test 9/10 No breakage

Falling weight impact(℃) 9/10 No breakage
Wreath just degree (kN/m²) ≥6.3
Flatting test No breakage
Coefficent of frication Dry place ≤0.363
Application of bentonite ≤0.155
Connectionseal test No leakage

  QB/T2479-2005                             In mm

Nominal outside diameter 110 139 167 167 192 192 219 219
Nominal wall thickness 5.0 6.0 6.0 8.0 6.5 8.5 7.0 9.5
Other specifications are available based on user's requirements.

   YD/T841-1996                             In mm

Nominal outside diameter 110/110 100/90 75/65 63/54 50/41